second chance

Blogs, twitter, forums, sports radio & tv, and yahoo searches have been bombarded with the breaking news that Michael Vick signed a contract to return to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone knows why this is such a big deal – bc Vick heinously broke the law and served a jail sentence for his involvement in dogfighting.

Much like political debates, this is highly controversial and creates a huge division. People on both sides are justifiably angry and equally passionate about whether a man can earn the right to play a sport again after such evil crimes.

My perspective is this: he deserves a second chance. In fact, as a human being, we all should get second, third, and fourth chances. Not bc we deserve them, but on the flip side, bc the love of Jesus abounds any evil, over and over and over again. This doesn’t mean we kick grace in the face and arrogantly due things in err; but it does mean that the love & truth & grace of God wins every time.

We’re humans, we make mistakes, it’s what we do. Many times we know better, and there will be consequences for every action we commit. But when we pay our dues (whether ask forgiveness or do jail sentences) we are offered another chance. As humans, we have our consequences, and it’s amazing to think that love abounds and runs to embrace us prior to judgment.

No matter the mistakes you’ve made, may you find hope in truth & grace. May you experience true love and redeem your second chance.


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